Building The Wild Frontier is an independent publication launched in 2022 by Mitch Alderson.

Mitch is a software engineer, architect, digital (and literal) nomad, and woodsman with a long history of helping companies bridge the gap between technology and business and delivering the right product to customers. He currently works as a Staff Software Developer Advocate at Apollo GraphQL.

Software Engineering Articles for Explorers

Join me weekly as we dive deeply into software development and tech that will help you build your skills and projects faster. Think of it as good architecture without the academic overhead.

The Frontier? What does that have to do with Tech?

I've often considered the current tech landscape the next frontier, a vast expanse of the unknown where the rules are to be discovered along the way.

Much like the frontiersman of old, this vast wilderness is yours to explore; armed with a few tools and skills, you too can carve out a digital homestead, whether a personal project or the next big software platform!

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